QuakeCon 2015 Day 2

SolarFlareGames-QuakeCon2015QuakeCon 2015 Day 2 in the books! What a great day at QuakeCon today. We played a lot of demos and had a lot of fun with a great many people. Everyone enjoyed their Dumpster Brawls and complimented us on a fun and great “gateway game” for friends and family.

Still exciting to see SolareFlare Games up there with the likes of NVIDIA and Alienware. Remember, QuakeCon at the Hilton Anatole Dallas is FREE to attend! Come see some exciting new games in the main exhibit hall or come hang out in the TableTop Villiage. Hope to see you Saturday or Sunday.


Team SolarFlare Games

Quakecon 2015 -Day 1

quakecon-imagesWow! Day 1 is in the books. what a great day yesterday meeting new fans and playing some great games of Dumpster Brawl and Thrash-Car! We are excited to see what day 2 has in store. Come see us in the Table Top Gaming area. Quakecon (@ Hilton Anatole Dallas) is FREE to attend, just go to the registration booth and sign in. Hope to see you!!

Dumpster Brawl Delivery

DB_3D_BoxMockUp_RightAll of the $24 Kickstarter Dumpster Brawl backers have been shipped or hand delivered. Yes, SFG keeps our Kickstarter promise and deliver in the month projected for the 2nd time in a row. Exciting and fun stuff!

Quetzalcoatl – The Lords of Rock

QuetzalcoatThe latest god for Lords of Rock – Quetzalcoatl.

Quetzalcóatl (pron. Quet-zal-co-at) was one of the most important gods in ancient Mesoamerica. The god known as the Plumed Serpent is a mix of bird and rattle snake. He was regarded as the god of winds and rain and as the creator of the world and mankind.

In Central Mexico from 1200 CE he was also considered the patron god of priests and merchants and considered the god of learning, science, agriculture, crafts and the arts.

As a god of the arts, he plans to take his band to glory to rule the universe!

Pantheon: Aztec

Band Skill: Guitar 

Exciting Day!

happy-friday_1xToday has been an awesome day at SolarFlare Games!

  • Dumpster Brawl arrived ON TIME and will ship soon
  • New art has arrived for Nightmare Forest: Dead Run
  • New prototype cards with some art will be available for playtesting tonight
  • The Kids vs. The House prototype is ready as well

We are excited to be play testing both new games tonight and tomorrow at DFWNN.  Check out Upcoming Events to see if we will be near you soon or always feel free to Contact Us to schedule a time for us to come demo at your store or event!