The Kids vs the Quests

The Adventure begins on Kickstarter August 2018!

You and your friends wake up to find yourselves occupying what appear the bodies of fantasy adventurers.  The people of the town you are in have asked you to please help them solve the problems they are having in their land.  Yes, they need you to complete some quests to help them make their town safe once again.   You are not sure what is going on but you cannot turn down what appears to be a live-action role-playing adventure.

To play The Kids vs. Quests, the players will determine how many quest points they want to be their victory condition.  The players will then use their characters, equipment, and abilities to gather various kinds of loot in an effort to complete quests and gather enough quest points to successfully save the town.

Each player starts with their 5 starter cards and 4 special ability action cards. The players have to work together to defeat monsters, survive traps, finish events and grab the loot they need to complete the quest.

The team has to work together and survive to be successful, can you?

Card Types:

  • Trap cards that have an ability and target number you have to beat to avoid the trap.
  • Event cards are rolled against to see if you get a good, neutral or bad result
  • Monster cards come in six sizes and then size determines how many of the party can help to defeat the monster and hopefully earn loot rewards
  • Loot cards are rare and you are lucky when you just find loot laying around.



Adventure, overcome and loot to save the town…are you ready?

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