Zeus – The Lords of Rock


Pantheon:  GREEK

Lead God

Primary Skill: Guitar (7 skill points)

Secondary Skill: Bass (2 skill points)

Zeus the presiding deity of the universe, ruler of the skies and the earth, was regarded by the Greeks as the god of all natural phenomena on the sky; the personification of the laws of nature; the ruler of the state; and finally, the father of gods and men.

Using his shield, the Aegis, Zeus could create all natural phenomena related to the air and the sky, such as storms, tempests, and intense darkness. At his command, mighty thunders would flash and lightnings would roll, wreaking havoc; or the skies would open to rejuvenate the earth with life-giving water.

Using lighting, Zeus created his guitar for this epic battle of band. Look for Zeus to lead the Greek pantheon with his insane guitar skills !

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