Thrash-Car Reviews

What people are saying about Thrash-Car:

“If fun and laughter are your primary requirements for a game, I believe that you will thoroughly enjoy Thrash-Car as it provides countless opportunities for the entire family to experience both, and that is a game that everyone wins!” –

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“Thrash-Car is a fun and fast paced game of racing and finding ways to screw your opponents over. Unlike the other “screw your friends” games I’ve played, Thrash-Car doesn’t seem to have any mechanics that can cause a complete reset of the game, so that means you have to unload on your opponents to stop them from completing laps first. It’s easy to understand, simple to set up, and allows for some customization of the game to change things up.” – 

“Really great art and interesting flavor text make this both pretty and funny…This has “take that” style of play in spades.” – Pete Ruth / Superfly Circus

“The whole family loves Thrash-Car from SolarFlare Games! It feels like real cut throat racing all the way to the finish line!” – Geeked Up Gaming

“Thrash-Car Board Game Review: A Riotous, Reckless Racing Game! When can you win a racing board game without crossing the finish line? When you’re playing Thrash-Car!” – The News Wheel

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