Thrash Car Teams

The Teams

The best teams from their various racing circuits have been chosen to compete in the winner-take-all world of the THRASH-CAR Championship!The top four teams from each circuit, have earned a chance at international fame; racing and trading paint on the THRASH-CAR circuit.

As an Owner, you choose a team from one of the four racing circuits. Owners can choose to endorse any team from one of these exceptionally successful, competitive and driven groups:

All ‘Merican Redneck Racin’

Thrash car team - rednecks
American stubbornness drives these champions to the finish line!

They don’t know the meaning of defeat, or a lot of other words, but they’ll not let that stop ’em.



Silver Sun-downers Old Folks Tour

Thrash car team - old folks
When you have got one foot in the grave, the other on the accelerator and dinner is at 4:30pm, you don’t have time to waste!

What these teams may lack in speed, they more than make up in benefits, life insurance and big cars.


Suburban Divas Soccer Mom Circuit

Thrash car team - soccer mom
School drop-offs, PTA meetings, coffee runs, hair appointments, soccer games, and dance lessons have honed the turn-by-turn instincts of these champions!

They break records without ever breaking a nail.



Holistic Hippie Eco Rally

Thrash car team - hippies
Alternate fuels and alternate lifestyles push the success of these nonconformist winners!

Just like their views, they’ve got no problem with any track that goes green.

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