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Thrash-Car Board Game Review: A Riotous, Reckless Racing Game!

When can you win a racing board game without crossing the finish line? When you’re playing Thrash-Car!

For those who thought that tabletop versions of racetrack competitions were too tame, uncompetitive, or commercialized, this wild game pits players against each other in aggressive automotive attacks. Whether you side with the hippies, rednecks, old folks, or soccer moms, your team will be prepared to send others crashing into the wall.

As the title suggests, Thrash-Car is more about attacking other cars than racing. However, it’s not entirely a destruction derby game, as players can still win by completing the race. Originally funded as Kickstarter project in 2013, Thrash-Caris a riotous, reckless ride. Read more…..

5 Stars