New Force of Arms artwork

ROBOTECH: Force of Arms artwork keeps coming in – the Zentraedi heroes are now done and just waiting for final approval. We wanted to share and see what you think.

The Zentraedi are coming and the #ROBOTECH Defense Forces are deployed getting ready for the attack…join your Zentraedi brethren (Breetai, Miriya, Khyron, and Azonia) and capture the SDF-1 and defeat the RDF

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Solarflare Today

Yes you all heard there was huge #solarflares hitting the earth today…I guess we should have given you a little more warning…our bad!

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The Zentraedi are coming and the #ROBOTECH Defense Forces are deployed getting ready for the attack…sign up and join the RDF and help defend the earth. The attack is coming around July…be ready!!!! Gloval, Lisa, Max and Rick hope you join them!

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WIP Art for The Kids vs Quests

As we are finishing Robotech FoA – we are also working on getting the art ready for The Kids vs Quests and started working on the early proto card designs and the card art. Some new and some we have used before since the game worlds are connected and well it is just so damn pretty.

placeholder text can be ignored at the bottom …for now…

See what you think #KidsvQuests #D&D

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Open Note to Robotech® Fans

Open Note to #Robotech Fans – I shared this with Robotech but wanted to directly share this here:

Solar Flare Games was very happy to have it announced Friday, September 22 that we have signed an agreement with Harmony Gold USA to create board games in the ROBOTECH universe.
That one sentence might not seem like huge news to some people but to me this is one of the most exciting projects I have ever begun. Who am I? I am Dave Killingsworth, the owner of SolarFlare Games and someone who gets to live out a dream that I have had for over 30 years.

Now, I have had many dreams but this one is especially cool and exciting to me. Back in 1986 I was introduced to Anime for the very first time, in the form of the very first episode of ROBOTECH: The Macross Saga. I was not looking for anime, just something to watch after school.

From the opening credits of the series which felt very much like watching some of the carrier scenes from Top Gun to the alien vs. human dog fights, I was hooked. Like a kid with a brand-new toy I had found something new, wonderful, and amazing.

I spent the next several weeks watching an episode a day until I had seen human unity, war, peace, loss, victory, and love all in 36 episodes of a very cool cartoon. The characters were interesting; the story was very dynamic and just so much fun to watch.

I have lost track of how many times I have watched the series, but it never has lost that original appeal. No matter how old I have gotten the show and those “people” of the Robotech Defense Force (RDF) have always been a touchstone point in my life that is very vivid and clear. The lessons offered up were very wonderful; good will eventually win, winning comes at a cost and love isn’t always found where you might expect, but be ready to embrace it when it finds you.

I know some of this may sound a little cheesy but, to a degree, isn’t all nostalgia and connections back to those simpler days? This has become very fresh to me because 31 years after that touchstone, I suddenly find myself surrounded by my old friends from the RDF but for a very new and exciting reason.

I have been making board/card games since 2013 and this year I had a great idea for a card game that I wanted to make. It was a two-player game, based on combat and in space. While playtesting it with some friends one of them said, “Do you know what would make this game even better, a really great theme.” He was right and I started to think about what would be a fun way to “dress” the game and then it clicked, ROBOTECH!

I thought back to all of those episodes and hours spent watching the show. I knew that I had to reach out to Harmony Gold and see if there was any way I could secure the right to turn our nameless factions into a struggle between the RDF and the Zentraedi.

I emailed them that night and here we are, I am getting to interact and play with my old friends from ROBOTECH. It was a very exhilarating and surreal moment when Harmony Gold agreed to let me make games with their beloved intellectual property. I find myself in an amazing place where I get to help build and expand the universe into the world of board and card games.

It brings me a great deal of joy that I get to bring ROBOTECH: Force of Arms to game stores in the first half of 2018 and help introduce a whole new generation to my old friends. I take this privilege very seriously and hope that people love this game (and the ones coming after) and that it becomes a gateway for families to connect, have fun, and get to know my comrades from over thirty years ago.

A great responsibility and an extraordinary joy. I am a proud member of the RDF and hope many of you come join me. Suit up, get in your veritech and help me defend the Earth.”

Dave Killingsworth
Owner – SolarFlare Games

You can always find more information about Force of Arms at
Twitter: @bravefrontier

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Dawn of the Archmage – Critter Naming

Go to the Kickstarter Page and suggest names and flavor text for these monsters.

List their critter name and then what you think thier name and flavor text should be.  Remember family friendly and we love being punny!

Critter 01

Critter 02

Critter 03

Critter 04

Critter 05

Critter 06

Critter 07

Critter 08

Critter 09

Critter 10

Critter 11

Critter 12

Critter 13

Critter 14

Critter 15

Critter 16

Critter 17

Critter 18

Critter 19

Critter 20

Critter 21

Critter 22

Critter 23

Critter 24

Critter 25

Critter 26

Critter 27

Critter 28

International Tabletop Game Day 2017

I know this is a day late but in celebration of International Tabletop Game Day I wanted to just write an open letter to all of you that follow us and discover us.

Thank you. First and foremost, after doing this for four years and 7 games (atm) it has been a fun and wild ride. We would not be able to do all the things that we do without your love and support. We love the fan-mily and all you bring to the table.

That includes your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and support. Everything we have done we have done for you all and you have not disappointed at all in you support and drive to keep us going so thank you all!!!

I have been talking to a lot of people lately and many of you have been asking about how we got here and what is ahead for us – so this seems like a good day to share. Grab a hold of something….

The Beginning:
A buddy of mine and I had a game idea many years ago called ASSCAR (American Sterotype Supercar Action Racing). With some help from Angie we realized that would be hard to sell and market – so it became Thrash-Car in 2012. By the Kickstarter I learned soooooo much about what I did not know about creating games and production of said game. But in typical farmboy fashion muscled up and pushed through and learned from every bump, trip and bruised ego.

Thrash-Car was born in 2013 and while not a huge success – those that like playing it LOVE it (just ask Calvin Patten). While we were demoing it the process for me creating games emerged. I found that random things around me would trigger some creative burst that if I just listened to it would result in a game idea – that could possibly lead to a full design – so I started listening.

Dumpster Brawl was created in 2014 and delivered in 2015. This was the game where I started to learn and have to accept that not all games appeal to all people. Something that was conceived as a “combat rummy” has a great fan base but hard core deep game players were not those people. That was the time that I really thought about – am I making games to try to make them specifically leveraged to be a mass market success – or just make something that sounds fun and share it with people? I chose the latter. The hope is make something fun, the players will come.

The next year was spent compiling the things learned from making two games to try to optimize the process to make sure we could make them affordably for the fans and keep the process going.

For the next year worked on the creation of Nightmare Forest: Dead Run. Had a few goals – make a game that was quick, easy to learn and fun for the whole family, build a foundation we could build a connected game universe on, and bring all the things we had learned about game publishing to make something very nice and still affordable. Originally called Dead Game Hunter – that was scrapped and the Nightmare Forest universe was born.

Dead Run was successfully Kickstarted in 2016 and delivered in July 2016. The game funded faster than anything we had done before and helped learn more about the marketing side of building a Kickstarter.

The next project was Lords of Rock. Successfully Kickstarted in Aug 2016 and delivered Jan 2017. Good game, people really passionate about the art. Proud of the success and more lessons learned about the game design and publishing world. People seem to enjoy it and find it to be a great one off game within the game universe in which it exists. Mosh Pit was created at the same time as a standalone mini game but used some of the same art to great effect. For 10 cards it can deliver a nice 10 minutes of fun. This was where I learned to make sure if you are printing and using a full sheet of paper at manufacturing – make sure you do something useful with the blank part of the sheet.

In January 2017 we launched Nightmare Forest: Alien Invasion. The goal was to extend the NMF universe and it worked well. We took some parts of the Dead Run game mechanics and used them for Alien Invasion but were able to make the game have all new basis, function and play style. The game happens about a year after Dead Run and there is a connected story that ties the games in the NMF to each other. Additionally we were able to create Udder Terror, a small quick head to head game about aliens catch cows…how is that not a fun way to use up a print sheet and make some fun?

Coming up in just over a week is Archmage Origins. ( ) We wanted to make a small standalone 2-4 player game that would be an easy introduction for people to the Archmage fantasy universe. Yup launching another connected game universe that is just one dimensional hop from the NMF universe. Origins is great as it introduced people to the Archmage world, magical schools and much of the iconography and concepts that are contained in Dawn of the Archmage (a minis and configurable play area) game coming in August.

Now, out of the sheer fun of it, we have 2 parallel game universes building on themselves and building broader and deeper gaming experiences for the people who find them. If they come in late and like any of the games as a standalone, they can then explore the universe we are building.

That is the rest of this year. I get asked a lot what we have planned and how we plan to get there and what will happen with things we have done before…so I will try to answer that below:

Q: Will you ever go back to Thrash-Car?
A: There is a plan to go back and gut some of the mechanics and use them in a game that is a fantasy base hybrid of death race, fantasy chariot racing and a few other things all scrambled into something that is more fantasy combat chariot wars than Thrash-Car but the good parts people like will all me mashed in there.

Q: Do you put the jokes, puns and humor in the games on purpose?
A: Yes. If you can put a little smile on people’s faces while they are cooperating and or competing – how is that not a good thing?

Q: How far will Nightmare Forest go?
A: We have 2 more games planned. NMF: Monstrous Horde (back to the forest again a year later to fight of a invasion force from a parallel fantasy and magical based universe **hint**) – this will be cooperative PLUS tower defense (May 2018), then NMF: Darkness Rising. The game goes to a full sized box that incorporates parts of all 3 previous games in baddies, mechanics and fun and you find out who the big bad is driving the whole game line. – That is in theory the end of that line – but I am talking to someone who controls a well-known fictional universe to see if we can make a version of NMF using their characters. We will see.

Q: Are you doing any expansions or extensions of the Lords of Rock universe?
A: Maybe someday but there is a massive pile of games in the production schedule ahead of considering working on something that does not expand a universe.

Q: What is next?
A: Here is the current – planned production schedule and the in development concepts.

May 9 2017 – Archmage Origins
Aug 1 2017 – Dawn of the Archmage
Jan 2018 – The Kids vs the House
May 2018 – Nightmare Forest: Monstrous Horde
Aug 2018 – Galactic Raiders
Jan 2019 – The Kids vs the Quests
May 2019 – Nightmare Forest Darkness Rising
Aug 2019 – Dead Game Hunter (finally)

(TBD) Engines of Destruction (30%)
(TBD) The Dungeon Race Game (25%)
(TBD) Wyrmwyrld Adventures (1 & 2) (20%)
(TBD) War College: Year 1 (then 2,3 and 4) (30%)
(TBD) “Raiders” {expanding sequel to Galactic Raiders} (20%)
(TBD) Titan Wars: Coastal Defenders (75%)
(TBD) Titan Wars: Space Warriors (sequel) (10%)
(TBD) “WTH” {current code name} (75%)
(TBD) Must Eat Humans (aka MEH) (10%)
(TBD) GroundForces – Dominion (30%)

Yup lots of stuff and currently there are 3 games all having art currently being produced.

There is a lot ahead and we feel like things will continue to grow, expand and be a lot of fun. We have a few of the games will be large, deep and euroish. Many of them will be the light, fun and easy to learn style we are good at. We work to want things to be fun for family and friends and be great fillers or gateway games and we plan to “lean into that.”

Q: Do you accept ideas to consider being a publisher?
A: I am happy to have someone ask me – but ask them to not send anything until we talk first. As you can see we are pretty packed so may not have time to be your publisher… BUT

I am always happy to share what I have learned and know about game design, marketing and publishing for nearly anyone who wants to ask. This is a rising tide lifts all boats kind of community. Most people want to help each other be more and be better and I will be happy to help if I can. I can also help you understand pitfalls, what to avoid and how to protect your ideas, plan and goals.

THANK YOU! Each and every fan and supporter.We will keep working hard to make fun and exciting games for you – for as long as you want

Play many games and have a great weekend.

SolarFlare Games

TGoR-poster Lords of Rock played great again last night at DGM Nerd Night. Bringing it to Arlington tonight – find us and we will demo for you.

Hope to see you tonight at DFW Nerd Night at J Gilligan’s Bar & Grill, 400 E Abram St, Arlington, TX 76010, United States