Quests: Heroes of Sorcado

Coming to Kickstarter May 25, 2021

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Welcome to Quests: Heroes of Sorcado, an epic fantasy cooperative campaign for 1-6 players.  In each of eight adventures (plus a bonus training adventure), you’ll build your character, acquiring powerful spells and weapons, and increasing your abilities by defeating monsters, evading traps, and forging your path through choice-driven events, traps, and side quests.

Darkness is coming for the peaceful land of Sorcado. In the fiery depths of the underworld, a demon stirs, hungry for the power he once wielded before a great hero locked him away a century ago. When you and your companions set off on a scavenger hunt, you have no idea of the role you’ll play in this epic struggle. But the heroes of old are long gone. The demon lord is coming. And no one else has the courage to stand between the people of Sorcado and the endless nightmare reaching out to lay his dark hand over the world.

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Add up your Hero’s character, weapon, and magic bonuses, and roll dice for damage against fearsome foes, with each Adventure, culminating in a boss fight that will require all your best items, potions, abilities, and a bit of luck.  With a 60+ page campaign story and 140+ pages of additional story events and choices, players can immerse themselves in a world beset by a demon lord bent on total destruction.  Choose your destiny, hone your weapons, and find out if you have what it takes to save Sorcado from utter destruction at the hands of the Dark Lord.

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  • 525 – Game Cards
  • 120 – Wooden Cube Tokens
  • 2 – Sheet of Punch Board (103 Punch-out Tokens)
  • 1 – Standard d20 die
  • 1 – 18×13 Game Board
  • 1 – 60+ Page Campaign Book (10″x8″)
  • 1 – 140+ Page Adventure Book (10″x8″)
  • 1 – 30+ Page Rule Book (10″x8″)


  • Campaign Story (by D.W. Vogel, the Best Selling author)
  • Cooperative Combat with Character Stats and a d20 (Light Traditional RPG)
  • Nine Unique Boss Fights
  • Choice-Driven Adventure Elements (Quests, Events, and More)
  • Character Building and Evolution
  • 7 Sealed Story Progression Booster Packs
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Coming to Kickstarter May 25, 2021

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