Nightmare Forest – Udder Terror

The AliensNightmare Forest - Udder Terror - mini game are here and they need to collect a small herd of cows for investigation and cultivation. You and your alien friend have decided to make it a competition to see who can get the most cows.

The cows are laid out in a 4×4 grid and the players each taking turns looking at 2 of the face down cards and deciding if they want to put them back in the space they came from or swap them. Then they lay down one of their tractor beam cards (power 1-8) face down along their 2 sides of the pasture.

Once all tractor beams are placed they are flipped over and then the aliens compare the power of their combined 2 tractor beam cards that are at the end of each of the row and columns that meet at each cow.

The highest power combination wins the cow. Tied spaces causes the cow to be vaporized.

Quick fun game for 2 players in 6-9 minutes.


  • Category
    Bluffing Card Game 
  • Mechanisms
    Hand Management
  • Memory
  • Family


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