Robotech®: The Invid Invasion

Weary from the constant battle with the Robotech Masters, the United Earth Forces eventually fell to the Invid Invasion. Lt Cmdr Scott Bernard leads a tight-knit team of freedom fighters towards the main Invid base located at Reflex Point. Their greatest hope for liberating the Earth lies defeating the Invid while waiting for the return of Admiral Hunter’s Expeditionary Force. Invid Invasion Box
Object of the Game: 
You and your resistance forces are working your way through the Invid infested forest.  You are working to defeat the Invid invaders, find help for your mission of freedom, and defeat the other hidden threats leading to Reflex Point.  
As you move through the forest, you encounter the Invid and defeat their ever-tougher forces.  As you win battles you gain experience and increase your combat dice pool.  Using weapons and gear recovered in the forest you will work with your allies to remove the Invid threat.  Fight your way to Reflex Point and drive the Invid from the Earth.
Invid Invasion components
Game Play:
ROBOTECH: Invid Invasion is a Cooperative game, where players must work together to cleanse the forest of Invid before it is too late! Based on the number of characters, you will deal out a grid of Forest Cards. Each turn, every player will move their heroes around the Forest and decide which Forest Cards to flip over to potentially expose Invid, brutal defenses, useful gear, or valuable Allies.
There are four levels of cards, with higher challenges requiring that players choose whether to hope for a lucky roll or to combine their unique Abilities and Gear to improve their chances of defeating powerful foes.
To win, you and your friends must stay alive and clear the entire forest before the last turn and destroy Reflex Point. If any player is killed, or if the game ends before the Forest is cleared, then the Invid are victorious and destroy humanity.
Game Mechanics:
Co-operative Play
Deck / Pool Building
Dice Rolling
Hand Management

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