About Us

SolarFlare Games was dreamed of a long time ago, by Dave Killingsworth, while creating add-ons and manuals for Tim Wisseman’s VGA Planets. VGAP was one of the most successful PBEM games created and was very successful throughout the 90’s. In 2013 after a very long wait, SolarFlare Games was born.

In recent years, the SolarFlare Games family has come together and put their focus on dreaming up and publishing board games. With the explosion of technology and the disconnection people have in person, we felt we could help bring people back to the table and connect reconnect them, through games and fun.

Our first game was Thrash-Car in 2014. We followed up in 2015 with Dumpster Brawl. In 2016, we will follow up with Nightmare Forest: Dead Run and The Lords of Rock. Coming up, SolarFlare Games plans to deliver 2 games a year over the next 3 years. It’s huge and ambitious but if you aren’t being ambitious, you aren’t having fun.

Our Mission

All the games will adhere to the SolarFlare Games principle of “Having fun and bringing people together to connect in an analog, not digital way.”

The SolarFlare Games Team:

Artist – Andora Cidonia

Retailer Inquires:

For all distributor and retailer inquires, contact Impressions Game Distribution Services at aldo@impressionsadv.net and 925-240-0862

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