We are happy to let you know that the Robotech: Crisis Point game has entered production and can now be pre-ordered with some extra pre-order limited edition ROBOTECH items and exclusives!!! 

Pre-Order Here!  (Please share with your board game or Robotech friends!)
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The $30.00 ROBOTECH: Crisis Point bundle includes:

ROBOTECH: Crisis Point Game

– ROBOTECH: Force of Arms – Grand Cannon Booster Pack

– Limited Edition ROBOTECH Playing Card Deck

– Limited Edition SolarFlare Games Variant Cover: Free *Comic Book Day* ROBOTECH Comic

– Entry into the “Art of Crisis Point Pre-Order Contest”*

*All orders USA and International have shipping discounted at least $5. All International orders will be EU-friendly.*  


2 players
30-50 minutes
Ages 8+

Players are trying to destroy their opponent’s forces while also successfully defending their own. Players take turns deploying units to the battlefield and then utilizing their combat units around the outside of the battlefield to defend their own forces and destroy those of their enemy. They will then use tokens they have earned and their hero and command cards to win the day. The player with the most combined points in defended and successfully destroyed units and strategic locations wins.

The Story:

Following the annihilation of Earth, human survivors struggle to rebuild their once-great planet, only to be faced with a new threat. The Robotech Masters arrive to complete the mission that their Zentraedi armada began… to secure their empire by reclaiming the Protoculture matrix before it is located by the Invid. In their way stands the Army of the Southern Cross!

The exciting, stand-alone sequel to SolarFlare Games’ ROBOTECH: Force of Arms lets you take control of the epic conflict known as the Second Robotech War. One player takes the lead as the plotting, scheming, desperate Robotech Masters, while the other player commands the valiant and determined Army of the Southern Cross.

In this head-to-head card game, players are engaged in conflict for control of the Earth, each side pitting their varied infantry and mecha-based units against each other in an all-out war with only one victor. In addition to their mecha and weapons, players wield powerful command actions and amazing heroes to turn the tide of conflict and ensure victory.

ROBOTECH: Crisis Point is a two-player head-to-head card game. Strategy, tactics, area control, bluffing, and hand management all come into play in this dynamic and deep game of Alien vs Human in a battle of wits and courage.

Will you save humanity or utterly destroy it?

**Estimated Ship Month: June 2019**  

Force of Arms will have a free “Grand Cannon Expansion” available around June. The Grand Cannon expansion expands the way the game can be played and ads new cards to the Force of Arms game experience. 

The bundle includes a Limited Edition custom set of Robotech playing cards.

Thank you as always for all of your support and we look forward to bring you more fun.

Help with Flavor Text for Kids vs Quest

Hello to the SolarFlare Games family. I would like to see if any of you would like to help develop some flavor text for the QUEST cards for The Kids vs Quests game coming to #kickstarter in August – see the title and the art and feel free to suggest the quest’s “backstory” 

*Note – any suggestion that SolarFlare Games chooses to use becomes the sole property of SolarFlare Games but we will make sure to list your name in the rule book as an “Adventurer” (the thank you section) as a reward/thank you.

Here is a sample quest card

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ROBOTECH®: Force of Arms into Chinese

Some very cool news for SolarFlare Games from this week.

We signed an agreement with “Movie Banking” a Shanghai TongYi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. company.

We will be working with them to translate #ROBOTECH:: Force of Arms into Chinese and then exclusively distribute that version in China. We are very excited about this partnership allowing our game to reach even more fans of our games and the ROBOTECH property.

Below is a modified version of the current box cover. This is just WIP – we will be working with Movie Banking to make a cover truly unique for the Chinese version – in the meantime, you can check this one out.

If all goes well with Force of Arms we will work to bring the Grand Canon Expansion as well as the Crisis Point and Invid Invasions games to China as well.

Great Gaming!!

#games #tabletop #mecha #anime

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New Force of Arms artwork

ROBOTECH: Force of Arms artwork keeps coming in – the Zentraedi heroes are now done and just waiting for final approval. We wanted to share and see what you think.

The Zentraedi are coming and the #ROBOTECH Defense Forces are deployed getting ready for the attack…join your Zentraedi brethren (Breetai, Miriya, Khyron, and Azonia) and capture the SDF-1 and defeat the RDF

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Solarflare Today

Yes you all heard there was huge #solarflares hitting the earth today…I guess we should have given you a little more warning…our bad!

Follow us here on facebook and on twitter ( ) to keep an eye on what is happening in space and near earth orbit.

The Zentraedi are coming and the #ROBOTECH Defense Forces are deployed getting ready for the attack…sign up and join the RDF and help defend the earth. The attack is coming around July…be ready!!!! Gloval, Lisa, Max and Rick hope you join them!

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WIP Art for The Kids vs Quests

As we are finishing Robotech FoA – we are also working on getting the art ready for The Kids vs Quests and started working on the early proto card designs and the card art. Some new and some we have used before since the game worlds are connected and well it is just so damn pretty.

placeholder text can be ignored at the bottom …for now…

See what you think #KidsvQuests #D&D

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