Dawn of the Archmage

Coming Fall 2017
For years you and your magic using brethren have suffered the persecution at the hand of roaming paladins and adventurers trying to make a name for themselves.  The various forces of the so called “good” burning your homes and towers.  Killing your poor minions and chasing you into the woods.

Finally getting tired of the endless cycle of persecution by all these “good” people, all of the wizards in the realm have come together for an arena battle of summoned creatures to determine who should become the Archmage.  The one wizard imbued with a portion of all the mages power, to lead the conclave and help finally make the land safe for all magic practitioners from the ignorant masses.


  • Small Unit Skirmish
  • Grid Movement
  • Hand Management
  • Player Elimination
  • Roll / Spin and Move

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