Robotech®: Crisis Point

Following the annihilation of the Earth, the human survivors struggle to rebuild their once-great planet, only to be faced with a new threat. The Robotech Masters arrive to complete the mission that the Zentraedi Armada began…to destroy anyone standing in the way of their reclamation of the coveted protoculture and robotechnology with only the Army of the Southern Cross standing in their way!

CRISIS POINT is a Tactical Game of unit movement and area control where you take on the role of either the Army of the Southern Cross (AoSC) or dreaded Robotech Masters. You and your opponent maneuver your units trying to defeat the enemy’s forces. Using heroes and distinctive commands at the right time can turn the tide of the battle in your favor. Are you ready to defend Earth as the courageous Army of the Southern Cross or capture the flower of life as the Robotech Masters?

The survival of humanity and the Earth has reached its Crisis Point.


Players are trying to destroy their opponent’s units while also successfully defending their own forces.  Players take turns tactically deploying units.  Strategically placing their combat and support units to defend their own forces and destroy those of their enemy and using their hero and command cards to win the day.  The player with the most combined points in defended and successfully destroyed units and strategic locations wins.


Once the players have finished the Tactical, Token, and Command/Hero phases they tally up the victory points for the units and strategic locations successfully defend. They then add the victory points for the enemy units they were able to successfully destroy.  The player with the most points wins!



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