Hermes Concert Review Celestial Daily News

From the Celestial Daily News:

Hermes - Guitarist - Greek Pantheon - The Lords of Rock -Tonight’s battle royale saw the Greek Gods bring their all to this whirlwind battle of the bands tour, its first sortie Artemis Temple
being held at the Artemis Temple (photo). Word of the battle had spread far and wide, ensuring that the Gods would play to a completely packed temple.

While the other pantheons put up a valiant effort, the ultra-high speed shredding performance put on by Hermes (photo) helped him live up to his name as Messenger of the Gods, as the other gods were delivered a message of “Go home, we own this place!”

His hands, ever a blur with the notes coming closer and closer together, tore his guitar to within an inch of its magical life. The other band
members rocked on with Hephaestus hammering out the beats, Poseidon bringing the bass and Hera providing the melodic vocals. Hermes, though, stole the show and DELIVERED.

The pillars trembled, the people screamed, and at the end of the night, the Greeks ruled the venue and the hearts (not to mention the souls) of the adoring crowd.

This is the first show in the long road to the final showdown August 1st being held at ‪#‎Kickstarter‬. This reporter is a fan and is looking forward to what this Soulbound Tour has ahead. Rock on!
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