Announcing the Sorcado Gazette

SolarFlare Games is thrilled to announce that Quests: Heroes of Sorcado will open its Kickstarter on May 25. Leading up to launch, we are sharing daily articles from the Sorcado Gazette, news from the exciting fantasy world of Sorcado. The story begins with a note to the editor of the Sorcado Gazette and followed by the first adventure; stay tuned for additional adventures. Thanks to our best-selling author D.W. Vogel for creating this bonus content.

Read the latest news here!

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Quests: Heroes of Sorcado update

Quests Heroes of Sorcado: is getting very close to being ready for Kickstarter (March 25th) and we will get the PnP ready shortly.

The game is built around the concept of you and your friends are a group of fantasy adventurers coming together to defeat the big bad. You pick a hero (6 of you out of 8 choices) and you play them. The game has an introduction adventure that teaches the mechanics and then 8 full adventures that you play to build and grow your character. Each adventure is variable in length, covering different areas of Sorcado and each ends with a unique boss and boss fight.

The game combines light D&D, some choose your own adventure, story, RPG, character development from game to game, light non-destructive legacy, and cooperative fantasy. You pick a character and build it up by completing adventures and progressing the story to the climactic final fight. It can be reset and played again with new people. It plays out differently each time – even if the overall story does not change – the combat and choice elements do.

Right now the component build out looks like this:

Box 11x11x3 – plastic formed insert books (10×8 size)— Rule book 32 pages saddle stitch — Story book 64 pages perfect bind or spiral — Adventure Book 140 pages perfect bind or spiral- dice 1 D20 standard- punched board – 2 sheets 10.5×10.5 (tokens)- Game Board 456×304 – 504 cards- 7 sealed black bags – labeled (these are things you cant look at until you get to that point in the adventure but they are part of the overall 504 card count — Labeled “2” – 24 cards — Labeled “3” – 51 cards — Labeled “4” – 46 cards — Labeled “5” – 69 cards — Labeled “6” – 38 cards — Labeled “7” – 29 cards — Labeled “8” – 23 cards- wooden cubes – 30 yellow – 70 red – 10 silver- 8 storage baggies