Archmage Origins FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does each player need a copy of the game?
    • No. A single copy of the game is enough for 2-4 people to play
  • Is the game all about memory? Can I only win if I have a good memory?
    • No and No. I have found that the more you play it the game has a memory element but it will morph into various strategies that can be very effective if done correctly.

      Players have pointed out, numerous times, they can win more often when they play Archmage Origins as an area control game.

  • This isn’t Dawn of the Archmage right?
    • Correct – Dawn is coming August 1, 2017. This game happens 10 years in the Sorcado timeline before the events that will unfold in Dawn of the Archmage.

      BUT we did add a little something special to this game as the prequel that CAN but DOES NOT have to carry over to the Dawn game. The hold monster cards in this game will be usable as bonus cards when playing Dawn of the Archmage. Thus linking the game universe and setting the timeline.

  • Do I HAVE to have the game mat?
    • No. The mat is just what we like to do at SFG with “nice to have” add ons. It is pretty and its functional and you will be able to play 4-5 games from us on it.

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