Nightmare Forest: Alien Invasion

Just last year, you were able to survive a night of terror and horror in the Nightmare Forest. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the forest a new threat has rose, well landed outside The City.

An alien expeditionary force has landed and is scouting the planet to see if it is ready for conquest.   You and your friends have to rush into the forest and eliminate the alien threat before they can summon their fleet.  It is up to you to stop The Alien Invasion.

With a combination of cards and dice; this game is different every time you play and the challenge keeps shifting. Not only do you have to work with your friends to clear the alien menace, you have to live.


Can you can survive another journey into the Nightmare Forest?

Game Play:
You move across a game play area covered in hidden threats that want to zap you (cards) and you have to fight them with a limited and diminishing dice pool.

You move and challenge a card to work to clear the forest. When you challenge the card in front of you it is revealed. You have to then battle that card to clear that forest space. You have to decide how many of your attack dice to use. You also have to decide what (if any) item cards in your stash you want to use to help you. You can only use each dice once per turn so be careful. If you lose, you could get hurt.

Game Mechanics:

  • Co-operative Play
  • Deck / Pool Building
  • Dice Rolling
  • Hand Management





Read The Rules:


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