ROBOTECH: CRISIS POINT Available in Stores Now!


We are happy to let you know that the Robotech: Crisis Point game is now in stores and ready to play.

You store should be able to order you free of charge the ROBOTECH: Force of Arms Grand Cannon Booster Pack!!

Game mats will be available this year again at


2 players
30-50 minutes
Ages 8+

Players are trying to destroy their opponent’s forces while also successfully defending their own. Players take turns deploying units to the battlefield and then utilizing their combat units around the outside of the battlefield to defend their own forces and destroy those of their enemy. They will then use tokens they have earned and their hero and command cards to win the day. The player with the most combined points in defended and successfully destroyed units and strategic locations wins.

The Story:

Following the annihilation of Earth, human survivors struggle to rebuild their once-great planet, only to be faced with a new threat. The Robotech Masters arrive to complete the mission that their Zentraedi armada began… to secure their empire by reclaiming the Protoculture matrix before it is located by the Invid. In their way stands the Army of the Southern Cross!

The exciting, stand-alone sequel to SolarFlare Games’ ROBOTECH: Force of Arms lets you take control of the epic conflict known as the Second Robotech War. One player takes the lead as the plotting, scheming, desperate Robotech Masters, while the other player commands the valiant and determined Army of the Southern Cross.

In this head-to-head card game, players are engaged in conflict for control of the Earth, each side pitting their varied infantry and mecha-based units against each other in an all-out war with only one victor. In addition to their mecha and weapons, players wield powerful command actions and amazing heroes to turn the tide of conflict and ensure victory.

ROBOTECH: Crisis Point is a two-player head-to-head card game. Strategy, tactics, area control, bluffing, and hand management all come into play in this dynamic and deep game of Alien vs Human in a battle of wits and courage.

Will you save humanity or utterly destroy it?

Force of Arms has a free “Grand Cannon Expansion” available for free from your retailer just ask them. The Grand Cannon expansion expands the way the game can be played and ads new cards to the Force of Arms game experience. 

Thank you as always for all of your support and we look forward to bring you more fun.

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