Come on Everyone, I can see the Road!

After Running an Running…

Well Foresters after running and running for the last month we have accomplished many goals and created a lot of great success.  We are in the final 24 hours of the campaign and as of this writing we are just a little over $400 from the final stretch goal.

As stated in the last update, we will be adding the over-sized autographed cards to all Kickstarter deliveries.  After the last update, some of you sent in some suggestions and we work hard to listen. If we break the last stretch goal, we will be able to unveil the mystery in the shadows below …and barring any issue with including it into manufacturing of the game, we will add it to all copies.

If, for some reason, we just cannot include it into the game – we will make sure it is one of the voting choices for over-sized cards.  We will make the art that is under the boxes on the play mat a voting choice as well.

We cannot promise 100%, but we promise that we will do everything we can, without causing an delays with the game, to get it included if we break that last stretch goal.


I know! He is totally evil looking right?

Those of you who have met us have heard the story about “Frank – Da Devil!”  I (Dave) thought I would share a fun little story here near the end of the campaign.  When I met my wife she had this pug/beagle mix named Frank.  Frank does not really like men and would just give me regular stink-eye.

So, I started referring to him as “Frank da Devil” and his cat friend Kitten as “Da Minion.” This has been an ongoing joke in the house and even lead to turning Frank into one of the zombies.

I know! He is totally evil looking right?

I Still Hear ‘Em…The zombies are still out there and right behind us!  So, please help us all and share this link with as many people as you can as the campaign winds down.

  • The more people who know (wait that’s not quite right)
  • Knowing is half funded (no that’s not quite it either)
  • Share and share for stretch goals (hmmmmmm)

Well you get what we mean! Thank you all so much for your continued support and belief in this project.  Dare we call you fans?  If you think of yourself as one, please visit and click the heart on the Nightmare Forest page and show that you are a fan.

Frank thanks you too, but he thinks you have food.

Have an amazing Monday and I look forward to seeing you all (most of you intact) at the car!

Team SolarFlare Games

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