Dumpster Brawl has arrived!

Dumpster Brawl has arrived!


Dumpster Brawl will commence shipping this weekend.

The only things we do not have at the moment are:

  • The Artisan Dice. Those will be a little bit longer.  So if you ordered one of the high end sets we should still ship this month.
  • The custom Dice Bags. Those ship Monday and we will get those out next week.

The plan is to ship all the regular editions between now and mid next week.  The once the bags arrive we will ship the Collectors Editions Late next week and into the weekend.  The last will be the Artisan Dice sets and those will be as soon as I get the Dice and before the end of July barring any issues.

We are very excited to bring this to you and while you await for the great game to arrive you can see what we have going on next on the New Games in Development page.


Team Dumpster Brawl


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