Funded in 8 Days – Only 1 Stretch Goal to Go

When Forest Critters Go Bad..uh Undead

The new game from SolarFlare Games that has already passed funding and several stretch goals on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter Link:

Dave Killingsworth of SolarFlare Games has returned to Kickstarter and already funded his new game, Nightmare Forest: Dead Run. SolarFlare has created a light-hearted and unique take on the zombie genre but don’t mistake that light heartedness for being easy on you. Careless risks will punish you but risks must be taken in order to be first out of the woods and win the game.

After more than 200 different people have played Nightmare Forest, everyone from heavy gamers to casual or even non-gamers has enjoyed this quick wind-up/wind-down game that still has some serious bite. The premise is delivered in a safe and campy (pun intended) way, making it perfect to play with kids, providing some thrills while also teaching them lite decision making skills and the risks necessary in order to succeed.

It provides an entertaining and very thematic experience with some dice chucking and push your luck challenges that should produce some laugh out loud moments around the table.

Nightmare Forest: Dead Run Cover ArtAbout the game:

Nightmare Forest: Dead Run is a card and dice take on side-scroller games like Rygar, Mario Bros. or Pitfall. You are camping in a forest with your friends as a critter-filled zombie infestation strikes in the darkness.


Blinded and frantic, you blaze your own trail and race your friends out of the forest to be the survivor. Will you be the lone survivor to get back to the car and make it out alive?

As the monsters grow ever-tougher, your decisions on when to push forward, when to utilize the little gear you can get your hands on, and when to use others as critter-bait will be the difference between success or being devoured in the Nightmare Forest.


Number of players: 1-6

Time required: 20-40 min

Recommended ages: 8+

SolarFlare Games website:





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