Nightmare Forest: Dead Run Gearing Up!

Circus Bear NMF

This Week

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Things are progressing nicely here at SolarFlare Games and wanted to update everyone on the Nightmare Forest: Dead Run Kickstarter progress.  We now have all of the zombie art complete and being configured for printing. The box (as noted last time) is ready. The manual should be completed this week.  We plan to let you see that as soon as we have it ready for consumption.

We expect to see the funds released from Kickstarter Monday or Tuesday.  We have not heard of any new delays in the new system and so we are expecting things to be on time.


Please expect to see your surveys come this week.  Since we have been working to be prepared to enter manufacturing as quickly as possible – the surveys have not been the highest priority.  Expect to see them and please fill them out as quickly as possible and completely.   We are very excited to be rolling along and looking forward to delivering the game on time.

ART – The Circus Has Returned

Here are the five Circus Zombies you have not seen yet (in an update). Terrifying AND Entertaining they are.  Just glad we did not have to make zombie clowns as I am not sure I could have gone through with it.

The only art left to complete are the custom people art cards and they are actively being worked on by Natalie one of the artists on Nightmare Forest.


We have had several of you ask about the Nightmare Forest “splatter shirt” and if there will be some way to get one with your game.  We are working on a way to allow for a companion order of the shirts – so more to follow.  For those that have forgotten, here is the image of the shirt.

 A Few Repeat Reminders

Since you backed the project you are obviously a fan of this game. We would like to asked if you would go the following link:

And do the following: Click the heart to “Be a Fan” (green and black arrow below)

Go to the forums for NMF and comment on what you think of the game and the campaign to this point. (green and yellow arrow below) – we do not ask people to rate the game until they have played it.

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