Nightmare Forest Funded in 8 Days!


We wanted to stop take a breath and thank all of you great supporters for helping us reach the goal so quickly.  So,  THANK YOU!

We have 23 days left to go and a great opportunity to fund to even higher levels and unlock some cool bonus stuff and things.  With the funding barrier broken, we as a team, can see how far we can take this.

I am working on a nice little downloadable freebie – watch this space for more information SOON!

Please share the project with friends, family and social media.  Let them know we are funded and are trying to get everyone out of the forest and home safe…before the aliens come…no wait…..I have said too much.

Quick get this information to as many people as you can before it is too late.

The Links:

Kickstarter Project:
Twitter: @bravefrontier

The SolarFlare Games Team

“The Raven Flies at Midnight!”


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