Thank You for Getting the Car Started oh and Funding Nightmare Forest


We do not know a better way to says that. As a team you Foresters blew through every goal, hacked your way through the brush and geared up and fought your way to the end with the whole forest chasing you.

Great work! Good job! MUCH THANKS!
No Slowing Down
Here is what is ahead of us.

  • Collecting the Funds (next 2 weeks)
  • Send Surveys (next 2 weeks)
  • Artist finish last 4 Holiday/Funny Zombie Critters
  • Finalize the manual for manufacturer (with 1P rule option included)
  • Finalizing all text and artwork for the manufacturer for the cards
  • Finalizing the final art for the box
  • Doing the custom “people in the game art” – they are all in process of submitting their photos so that Natalie can “camperfy” them (some are done)
  • Tell MeepleSource to GO on Meeplefoot production Done!
  • Send art to the mat manufacturer (art is done)
  • Proof read it all one more time 🙂
  • Send a link to each of you for song download (before March is over)
  • Post download for mat art for DIY mats
  • More stuff but this is the bulk
  • Funding Begins

Make sure you watch for your funding notices. Kickstarter will notify you of any funding issue they may have (if any). Make sure that if you get a notice to rectify it as soon as you can.

The faster we fully fund the quicker we can get all the balls rolling. Thanks!

The Schedule (Planned)

Below is the timeline we are planning on:

  • Feb29 to March 18 – Collect Funds and most of what is above
  • Approx: March 19 to May 6 – Proofing and Manufacturing
  • Approx: May 7 to June 18 – International and Continental Freight
  • Approx: June 19 to June 30 – Prepare to Ship/Some Margin for Issues
  • Approx July 1-30 Shipping

This is the timeline barring any issues. We all know there can be unknown issues or challenges that can arise but I will make sure that you are kept update to date on all steps of the process.


We had many of you ask about the box and now is the time we will share the look of the top of the box. The projected box size is 8.250″ H x 5″W x 1.45″ Deep (approximately the size of a Boss Monster box.

So here is what 60+ layers of various pieces of art looks like as a box. Sorry for the writing you might see – when the die layer is pulled up (to show design to you) the dimension notes are visible. So TAH DAH!


Spiffy right? We want the box to be as cool and as fun as the game. Hope you like it. I will post the back as soon as I finish it up. Suggestions welcome of what you think would make friends buy the game if they found it on as shelf.


A Few Favors/Asks

Since you backed the project you are obviously a fan of this game. I would like to asked if you would go the following link:

And do the following:

Click the heart to “Be a Fan” (green and black arrow below)
Go to the forums for NMF and comment on what you think of the game and the campaign to this point. (green and yellow arrow below) – we do not ask people to rate the game until they have played it.
Click the publisher link and check out our other finished games and coming games.


Contact your local game retailer and let them know they can contact us to be able to get direct retail options from SolarFlare Games.

Like us on Facebook:

Follow us on Twitter:

Follow us on Instagram:

Some or all of these, along with your backing of this project, will keep you in synch with us and all the things going on with Nightmare Forest and SolarFlare Games.

Some Questions Y’all Had:

1) No wife didn’t find the Frank is Da Devil update as hilarious as me
2) We already have 75% of the rules ready for NMF2: Alien Invasion (KS Jan2018)
3) Yes there is a NMF3 noodling around
4) We will be at BGG Spring, AKON, WACON (if it happens), BGG (Nov) and PAX South
5) We will make a Pre-Order option for NMF available soon (but will not be comparable to having backed the project) and any Pre-Order will ship AFTER backers copies
6) T-Shirt Orders can still be made for the shirt if interested – just message me.

Thank you all for an amazing project and a wonderful run through the woods! Back soon with more info, art and news.

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