The Kids vs The House

Kids Vs The HouseThe Adventure begins Jan 2019!

You and your friends are tired of having all your great stuff go missing. You know it’s that creepy house on the corner, and you have had enough. You are each going to gather a group of friends from the neighborhood and make a mad dash into the house to try to get your items back!

To start The Kids vs. The House, players determine how many items — as few as one and up to twenty — they need to recover from the house. This allows them to customize the length of their game.

You then flip the first item card over and see how many kid team points you need to have to try to get the item back.

Each player starts with two cards from the Action/Kid deck. This deck contains kids from the neighborhood worth 1-5 points each that you add to your hand to try to build up a team with enough points to retrieve the item. There are also four other types of cards that cause things, do things, and help protect you from the creepy things that can happen in the house:

  • Chaos cards always go off when drawn. Chaos she is a harsh mistress.
  • Protection cards are used to prevent or deflect many of the negative events and actions in the game.
  • Incident cards can be played on other players during your action phase to try to disrupt their chances of acquiring the item.
  • Trap cards always go off when drawn, with the house apparently trying to defend its ill-gotten gains. Beware the house!

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