Dumpster Brawl Almost Here!

Just wanted to drop a quick note about the status of Dumpster Brawl.

As of right now everything is rolling on time.  The games are on a boat and headed for Los Angeles.  Currently, they are expected to arrive in Dallas on or about the 10th of July.

As soon as they get here we will be boxing them up and shipping them to you.

Here is a shot of some of the boxes already ready to go.

dumpster brawl shipping boxes Additionally, the people who got custom dice – those are expected to be done Mid or Late July (Mastercraft takes a little time ).

The custom shakers for the dice are all done and in house.

The custom deck boxes for the collectors editions are here in house.

We expect to package everything very quickly and get it all off to you wonderful and loyal SolarFlare Games fans.

We would really appreciate it if you would go to this Board Game Geek link and click the become a fan link (the heart). https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/165805/dumpster-brawl

As we await the arrival of Dumpster Brawl, we are actively developing three more new games great for fan, family and friends. Check out Games in Development


Thanks so much and we look forward to delivering Dumpster Brawl and many other fun games to you.

Team Dumpster Brawl!

Great Time Game Testing at DFWNN

We were able to play all 3 prototype games this weekend with both gamers and designers. The reaction was very positive and awesome. Some pretty discerning people deemed Nightmare Forest :Dead Run just about ready to go. As well as The Kids vs The House.

Both look like they just need a little tiny tweak to some math (mostly base targets and health) and they should be good for mass testing and validation of the fun. All 3 designers said they liked the games – and would totally buy them. So that was great.

Lords of Rock is about 75% ready. We will be working on some tweaks and have all 3 back into testing this Wednesday.

Was fun and exciting and really appreciate the people who took the time to try the games and give feedback. A big thanks to the DFW Nerd Night community for all of the support and great response!

Beta Testing!

We are excited everyone. It is looking very likely that we will have three full prototype games for this weekend for beta testing. We will be at DFW Nerd Night in Plano on Friday at DGM probably around 9pm-ish. We will be at DFW Nerd Night in Arlington at J Gilligan’s from about 2:30p on. So, we will have lots of time. Feel free to come up to us and ask to try the games out with us. What we want to do is have everyone have some feel and input into what they life and don’t like.

We also like design suggestions and just general feedback. This first outing will help us decide which of the 3 (what we think are good designs) is the best and likely to become the front-runner for becoming the 3rd game we take to Kickstarter. Thrash-Car and Dumpster Brawl have all been well received and successful so time to do #3, #4 and #5 just want your help determining the order.

There will not be any art at this time but this is about the mechanics and enjoyment factor before the skin is applied.

We will be testing:

Nightmare Forest :Dead Run – making a mad dash through the forest as you try to fight off and escape the area that is being overrun with wild zombified forest animals all out to eat your brains.

The Lords of Rock – Play a pantheon of Gods who have formed a band and you are dueling across time and some amazing venues as you play concerts for control of the cosmos in a galactic battle of the bands.

The Kids vs The House – You are tired of that old house taking all your good toys and stuffs! You and some other kids are recruiting people to you little group of kids all racing to be the first to recover the lost objects the house is now keeping from you.

QuakeCon 2015

quakecon-imagesSolarFlare Games will be at QuakeCon here in Dallas July 23-26. We will be in the tabletop area and have demos of the games (we should have Dumpster Brawl by then and MAYBE a prototype for Nightmare Forest and Lords of Rock!) quakecon.org

Dumpster Brawl Update

Dumpster Brawl! ON THE WAY!!!! and some extras have arrived already

Dumpster Brawl is in transit to USA, the main game that is.  The deck box and player token for Collectors have already arrived and I will show an image below.

DB-game-tokens-boxDumpster Brawl is expected to hi the Port of Los Angeles June 30th.  They estimate it will arrive in the warehouse here in Dallas On or before July 10th.  So, that is what we will run with unless other information becomes available.  That means I should reasonably expect to be able to hit the expected delivery date of the campaign, always exciting news!

I am so happy to be delivering the second game from SolarFlare Games.  Everyone seems so excited and happy that they will get the final version soon.  At BGGFAM we had a great time playing it with families and they cant wait either.

While we all wait on the literal slow boat from China, I would like to share a littlenews/information with everyone.

  • The websites for www.thrash-car.com and www.dumpsterbrawl.com are up and both game sites can take orders.  We are working to make a more sophisticated ordering system as we work, but people can order the products.
  • TCAR now has a FAQ and other information
  • www.solarflaregames.com and @bravefrontier (twitter) are where you can follow information about these games and the ones we are working on:  Nightmare Forest: Dead Run, The Kids vs The House and The Lords of Rock
  • Custom reward level dice are in production as well as the dice shakers for those reward levels
  • Thrash-Car made the top 10 for BGGFAM GeekBuzz and has been on the Hotness for over a week

Some Requests:

Please go to the following links at  Boardgamegeek.com and and become a fan of the games by clicking the heart on the right side of the page.  Positive reviews are always welcome.

SolarFlare Games:




Dumpster Brawl:


Thanks so much.  And we will leave you with a picture of the cool collector items that have arrived.

Team SolarFlare Games!