tcwarpWelcome to the wildest and funniest, take that board game for 2-4 players!

It is a fun game you play with your friends, as you put them down one card and one lap at a time. Racing is the motif, but not always the main goal.

In Thrash-Car, you build your racing team from the ground up. As the team owner, you choose your crew, car, and strategy, then help them drive their way to victory in some of the wildest and toughest race conditions you have ever seen.

You are trying to get around the track while trying to avoid being wiped out by the other players and maybe your own bad luck.

You try to hold it together while also holding your belly laughing at the art, humor and heart of this mess with your neighbor extravaganza.

You may be racing, but racing might not always leave you the winner!

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