Nightmare Forest – 5th Stretch Goal Shattered!!!!

Stretch Goal 5 Taken Down

Ok, is Daryl Dixon one of the backers of this game?  That last stretch goal went down like Merle. Hard and fast. Ok, having a little fun with the theme but you Foresters are amazing and we want to thank you so much for putting that 5th goal down and burying it.

We believed in you so much, we already had one of the new “Holiday/Silly/Crazy” bonus pack critters drawn up, and you did not disappoint.  Without further a-boooo  here is  JACK!

One Last Stretch Goal!

With 55 hours to go (as of this writing) many of you have asked me if we will have one more stretch goal.  The answer to that isYES!  With all the support you have given, we are adding one last stretch goal for this game.

The last stretch goal will be unlocked at $16,000.  This assures that we can manufacture the extra item with no slow down in the production schedule and give you something extra and awesome on the same timeline!

The extra item will be two 5×7 “over-sized cards”  each one with one of the amazing creepy zombies from the game.   We will have them manufactured on heavy card stock and printed at what effectively makes them 2x the size of a regular card.   They will not be for use in the game, but cool and beautiful.

For all backers of NMF at any level Camper or higher, we will ship you one of each of these cards and they will be signed by the Artist who did the zombie art for those cards AND you will have the option to have me (Dave) sign the cards as well.  After the project ends, the only way to get one of these over-sized cards would be at a convention as a promo (very limited quantity) but they would not be signed.

Additionally you, the Foresters, will get to help decide what zombies goes on the over-sized cards.  When the campaign ends, as part of the survey, you will all be asked what is your favorite zombie (from a list we provide) and the 2 with the most votes will be the zombies selected to go on these bonus over-sized cards.

We are ecstatic to be able to this one last, fun thing at the end, as we are nearing the edge of the forest and reaching the safety of the road.

Thank you and survive the weekend in the woods and tell more people about this project, the more of there are the better the change of getting out aaaaalive!

Come to the Kickstarter and back now!




Team SolarFlare Games

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Funded in 8 Days – Only 1 Stretch Goal to Go

When Forest Critters Go Bad..uh Undead

The new game from SolarFlare Games that has already passed funding and several stretch goals on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter Link:

Dave Killingsworth of SolarFlare Games has returned to Kickstarter and already funded his new game, Nightmare Forest: Dead Run. SolarFlare has created a light-hearted and unique take on the zombie genre but don’t mistake that light heartedness for being easy on you. Careless risks will punish you but risks must be taken in order to be first out of the woods and win the game.

After more than 200 different people have played Nightmare Forest, everyone from heavy gamers to casual or even non-gamers has enjoyed this quick wind-up/wind-down game that still has some serious bite. The premise is delivered in a safe and campy (pun intended) way, making it perfect to play with kids, providing some thrills while also teaching them lite decision making skills and the risks necessary in order to succeed.

It provides an entertaining and very thematic experience with some dice chucking and push your luck challenges that should produce some laugh out loud moments around the table.

Nightmare Forest: Dead Run Cover ArtAbout the game:

Nightmare Forest: Dead Run is a card and dice take on side-scroller games like Rygar, Mario Bros. or Pitfall. You are camping in a forest with your friends as a critter-filled zombie infestation strikes in the darkness.


Blinded and frantic, you blaze your own trail and race your friends out of the forest to be the survivor. Will you be the lone survivor to get back to the car and make it out alive?

As the monsters grow ever-tougher, your decisions on when to push forward, when to utilize the little gear you can get your hands on, and when to use others as critter-bait will be the difference between success or being devoured in the Nightmare Forest.


Number of players: 1-6

Time required: 20-40 min

Recommended ages: 8+

SolarFlare Games website:





Nightmare Forest Kicksterstarter 2 Stretch Goals Already Unlocked!

In Just 2 Weeks…

The project has been live for two weeks and we have made some great successes.  Not only did we fund in 8 days, we have broken through 2 stretch goals.  We have upgraded the cards with linen finish and even heavier card stock.  We are just $88 away from smashing through the 3rd and you know what that means…








Yes, the nearby Circus has not been immune to the outbreak of this weird critter based zombie virus and some of the escaped and infected animals are making their way to the Nightmare Forest…be afraid…be very afraid!

Circus Zombies

We currently have a list of 10 zombies we like to turn into zombie circus animals and they will have their revenge on the poor camping humans.  The list is subject to change, especially if we get a suggestion that we like better than our current list.  Some of the art is already started, that is how close we are to the goal and how excited we are to bring you even more amazing art.

Tier 1:  Poodle, Parrot, Organ Grinder Monkey
Tier 2: Sea Lion, Pony, Ostrich
Tier 3: Giraffe, Camel and Small Bear on a Bike with a Tutu
Tier 4 (Boss): Elephant

We like these but are open and willing to listen to any suggestions, you the fans might make, so please suggest away in the comments section.

Please check out the Kickstarter here to see what exciting things are happening!

Nightmare Forest Funded in 8 Days!


We wanted to stop take a breath and thank all of you great supporters for helping us reach the goal so quickly.  So,  THANK YOU!

We have 23 days left to go and a great opportunity to fund to even higher levels and unlock some cool bonus stuff and things.  With the funding barrier broken, we as a team, can see how far we can take this.

I am working on a nice little downloadable freebie – watch this space for more information SOON!

Please share the project with friends, family and social media.  Let them know we are funded and are trying to get everyone out of the forest and home safe…before the aliens come…no wait…..I have said too much.

Quick get this information to as many people as you can before it is too late.

The Links:

Kickstarter Project:
Twitter: @bravefrontier

The SolarFlare Games Team

“The Raven Flies at Midnight!”