Dumpster Brawl Delivery

DB_3D_BoxMockUp_RightAll of the $24 Kickstarter Dumpster Brawl backers have been shipped or hand delivered. Yes, SFG keeps our Kickstarter promise and deliver in the month projected for the 2nd time in a row. Exciting and fun stuff!

Exciting Day!

happy-friday_1xToday has been an awesome day at SolarFlare Games!

  • Dumpster Brawl arrived ON TIME and will ship soon
  • New art has arrived for Nightmare Forest: Dead Run
  • New prototype cards with some art will be available for playtesting tonight
  • The Kids vs. The House prototype is ready as well

We are excited to be play testing both new games tonight and tomorrow at DFWNN.  Check out Upcoming Events to see if we will be near you soon or always feel free to Contact Us to schedule a time for us to come demo at your store or event!



Dumpster Brawl has arrived!

Dumpster Brawl has arrived!


Dumpster Brawl will commence shipping this weekend.

The only things we do not have at the moment are:

  • The Artisan Dice. Those will be a little bit longer.  So if you ordered one of the high end sets we should still ship this month.
  • The custom Dice Bags. Those ship Monday and we will get those out next week.

The plan is to ship all the regular editions between now and mid next week.  The once the bags arrive we will ship the Collectors Editions Late next week and into the weekend.  The last will be the Artisan Dice sets and those will be as soon as I get the Dice and before the end of July barring any issues.

We are very excited to bring this to you and while you await for the great game to arrive you can see what we have going on next on the New Games in Development page.


Team Dumpster Brawl


Choooo chooooo

That sound you hear….

TrainThat is Dumpster Brawl having cleared customs and is on a train bound for Texas!

They have not given us the exact arrival day. We are hoping for July 10 but could be early next week. We will update you when we have exact times.

For those that got the Artisan Dice sets they are in production and are awaiting the final production date. As soon as we know that, we will share that as well.

Thanks for the support and your games will be on their way to you this month. If all goes well delivered to everyone in July as promised.

Also hope to let you know about a coming new project soon!
Team Dumpster Brawl.

Dumpster Brawl Almost Here!

Just wanted to drop a quick note about the status of Dumpster Brawl.

As of right now everything is rolling on time.  The games are on a boat and headed for Los Angeles.  Currently, they are expected to arrive in Dallas on or about the 10th of July.

As soon as they get here we will be boxing them up and shipping them to you.

Here is a shot of some of the boxes already ready to go.

dumpster brawl shipping boxes Additionally, the people who got custom dice – those are expected to be done Mid or Late July (Mastercraft takes a little time ).

The custom shakers for the dice are all done and in house.

The custom deck boxes for the collectors editions are here in house.

We expect to package everything very quickly and get it all off to you wonderful and loyal SolarFlare Games fans.

We would really appreciate it if you would go to this Board Game Geek link and click the become a fan link (the heart). https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/165805/dumpster-brawl

As we await the arrival of Dumpster Brawl, we are actively developing three more new games great for fan, family and friends. Check out Games in Development


Thanks so much and we look forward to delivering Dumpster Brawl and many other fun games to you.

Team Dumpster Brawl!

Dumpster Brawl Update

Dumpster Brawl! ON THE WAY!!!! and some extras have arrived already

Dumpster Brawl is in transit to USA, the main game that is.  The deck box and player token for Collectors have already arrived and I will show an image below.

DB-game-tokens-boxDumpster Brawl is expected to hi the Port of Los Angeles June 30th.  They estimate it will arrive in the warehouse here in Dallas On or before July 10th.  So, that is what we will run with unless other information becomes available.  That means I should reasonably expect to be able to hit the expected delivery date of the campaign, always exciting news!

I am so happy to be delivering the second game from SolarFlare Games.  Everyone seems so excited and happy that they will get the final version soon.  At BGGFAM we had a great time playing it with families and they cant wait either.

While we all wait on the literal slow boat from China, I would like to share a littlenews/information with everyone.

  • The websites for www.thrash-car.com and www.dumpsterbrawl.com are up and both game sites can take orders.  We are working to make a more sophisticated ordering system as we work, but people can order the products.
  • TCAR now has a FAQ and other information
  • www.solarflaregames.com and @bravefrontier (twitter) are where you can follow information about these games and the ones we are working on:  Nightmare Forest: Dead Run, The Kids vs The House and The Lords of Rock
  • Custom reward level dice are in production as well as the dice shakers for those reward levels
  • Thrash-Car made the top 10 for BGGFAM GeekBuzz and has been on the Hotness for over a week

Some Requests:

Please go to the following links at  Boardgamegeek.com and and become a fan of the games by clicking the heart on the right side of the page.  Positive reviews are always welcome.

SolarFlare Games:




Dumpster Brawl:


Thanks so much.  And we will leave you with a picture of the cool collector items that have arrived.

Team SolarFlare Games!